The Marcus Annesleys

 of Castlewellan



View from Donard Lodge

Donard Lodge


The Grange Cottage Castlewellan built around 1630 (replaced by the castle 1856)



Mount Panther Estate

Mountpanther's ballroom



In the mid 20th century the owners, the Fitzpatrick family, removed the roof to avoid paying rates on the house. They erected a bungalow in front of the old building.

Mountpanther House 2017  

Mountpanther House 2017 

More information:

Castlewellan Castle built 1856


Glass houses that used to be in Castlewellan arboretum. They were built by Richard Annesley, the 2nd Earl, around 1820 and rebuilt again in 1870's.  

View from the castle 1860